Volunteering Opportunities with Epilepsy Action

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Epilepsy Action is a community of people committed to a better life for everyone affected by epilepsy. We want high quality, accessible epilepsy healthcare services, so that people with epilepsy have the support they need to manage their condition. We want wider awareness and understanding of epilepsy, so that people living with the condition are treated with fairness and respect. Goal 1: To improve the quality and availability of health care services for people with epilepsy. To achieve this we will continue to concentrate on: 1.Providing advice, information and training 2.Giving people the skills and opportunities to speak out for themselves and for others affected by epilepsy 3.Influencing national health policy 4.Influencing and supporting local health service design, commissioning and delivery 5.Research Goal 2: To improve awareness and understanding of epilepsy. To achieve this we will continue to concentrate on: 1.Encouraging and supporting people to be open about epilepsy 2.Publicly celebrating positive attitudes towards epilepsy and challenging negative attitudes 3.Engaging with national and local decision makers 4.Working to remove barriers to employment

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